TechNet users will get Microsoft Office 365 for free

TechNet users will get Microsoft Office 365 for free

Just a few days ago when Microsoft launched the new business versions of Microsoft Office 365, with various subscription for small, medium and large corporations. And now, just after a few weeks later it is being said that Microsoft will offer a 1 year free subscription 0f the Office 365 free to the people who have signed up for its TechNet subscription.

Microsoft TechNet is a service provided be Microsoft to the IT workers and managers to get access to an abundance number of past and current Microsoft products for a nominal one year fee. TechNet subscribers gets RTM(Release To Manufacture) versions of Microsoft products several weeks or even months before the commercial launch of the products.

TechNet subscribers can currently download the stand alone Office Professional Plus 2013 software, but Microsoft limited it to only one copy per PC. But Office 365  allows the user to use the Microsoft Office on various computers and will provide the user with more than one license and Microsoft also promises to give the users regular update of the product.

Acc. to, Microsoft said that the company is “committed to providing IT professionals with access to Microsoft software & services for evaluation purposes, and we are actively working to provide our subscribers with a full year subscription of Office 365.”

However, being the statement delivered it is not clear yet that when might that happen. It is also not clear that whether the user have to renew the Office 365 subscription at the time when it renew the TechNet subscription.

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