Sony 4K media player is available for sale for $699

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Sony announced the 4K media player this year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Recently, Sony launched the media player and the device is available for sale. Sony also promised for more content for the 4K media player before this fall.

The device will be available for purchase in store from 15 July, although the Sony 4K media player (FMP-X1, 4K Ultra HD media player) can be ordered online from Sony starting from Monday.

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The term 4K is used to describe the resolution of the screen. The 4K resolution is four times greater than the usual 1080p HD display. The 4K display is common these days in most of HD TVs these days. The 4K media player converts your ususual content in 4K and then  transmit it to your HD TV.

Sony is also giving away 10 free 4K ultra HD movies to users who are buying the media player now. Sony is also giving away $200 discount on the pricey media player to the owner of Sony’s X900A 4K Ultra HD TV. The TV owners can also check online to see if their TV qualifies for access to Sony’s 4K premium movie content.

Sony launched the 4K ultra HD TV earlier this year but to the owner of the TV, finding 4K ultra HD content was a serious problem. But Sony unveiled Sony 4K media player at the CES 2013. Sony also launched 4K content service which includes movies, music videos, TV episodes and short form videos all featured in 4K Ultra HD quality.

However, along with Sony 4K media player, the 4K ultra HD service is also pricey. The 24 hour rental downloads starts from $7.99 and the purchases starts at $29.99. However, the Sony 4K media player is available for sale for $699.

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