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SMS turns 20 today, Happy SMS Birthday!

SMS turns 20 today, Happy SMS Birthday!

The best way to interact, The best way to chat, The SMS has turned 20 today. So, Happy Birthday SMS.

Recalling the moment when the first SMS was sent, as of the records, the first SMS is believed to be sent by Neil Papworth, a developer at the Sema Group Software and it was sent to his friend at Vodafone.

Neil recalls the moment when he send the first SMS of the world, he said:

Since mobile phones didn’t yet have keyboards, I typed the message out on a PC. It read ‘Merry Christmas’ and I sent it to Richard Jarvis of Vodafone, who was enjoying his office Christmas party at the time.

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Looking at the last year alone, more than 8 trillion texts have been sent and it became one of the features for which most people use their mobile phones for. Over the past 20 years the texting went through some of the very innovative and fancy stages as people start chatting and interacting with SMS exchanging feelings, information, spam and promotions through messages.

Papworth said that, at that time he thought that these things will not be as fancy to get people’s attention. But today’s mobiles are more comfortable for SMSes as he said that:

We thought SMS was a clever way for a company’s staff to send simple messages to one another. I do get a kick out of being called a ‘legend’, once a year. Even if at the time the achievement was nothing remarkable, I was just doing my job. It’s been quite amazing to watch SMS grow from a simple way for secretaries to page their managers to all these innovative applications that rely on text messaging – voting on reality shows, tracking vehicles or packages and telling you when a plane has landed.

SMS turns 20 today, Happy SMS Birthday!

Giving birth to the terms like LOL and ROFL, SMS at its initial stages took 7 years to take hold of the market and then they started the abbreviated form of talks and the words like BRB, FML, WBU, WTF and BRB became common words in everybody’s life.

Papworth is now working in Canada and celebrated the 20 anniversary of the text messages. He send a message to the Observer, saying:

IMHO, SMS is still the GR8ST SMS turns 20 today, Happy SMS Birthday!

In 1999, UK mobile operators started to offer the customer, the ability to text each other . And it became more comfortable by the pay-as-you go service, after that SMSs became the most common and the easiest way to reach someone.

And in the modern era, where Social Networking has become the compulsion for the smartphone makers, the Text/SMS are still holding the devices with social networking and also on the devices where social networks can’t be reached.

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