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Most Pirated Movie of 2012 is Project X

Most Pirated Movie of 2012 is Project X

After launching the series of the most Pirated TV shows in which Game Of Thrones was at the first position, TorrentFreak recently launched an another Top 10 list of the most pirated and the most ‘torrented’ movie of the year. Beating all the competitors that shaked the BOX Office, Project X was at the first position in the list and become the most pirated movie of the year 2012.

The Second place has been occupied by Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol with an estimated download of 8.5 million. The Dark Knight Rises being at the Third Position was downloaded 8.23 million times.

Both of the movies MI – IV and The Dark Knight Rises perform outstanding at the Box Office but the most Pirated movie of the year 2012 is Project X which is currently at $100m in terms of Gross but both the other movies is far ahead it. The Dark Knight Rises earn a total of more than $1 billion and same the MI – IV.Other Popular movies in the list are The Avengers, Ice Age: Continental Drift and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I.

The reason stated behind the success of Project X in the Piracy race is that the movie is available to download for a longer time as compared to other movies. As of the stats, a HQ version of the Movie Project X has been available for download since June 2012 making an average of 1.45 million downloads per month. While looking at other movies, a HQ version of The Dark Knight Rises is available for download since November 2012 making an average download of 4.11 million downloads per month and as The Avengers being at top of the Top 10 Box Office hits is standing at 2.02 million downloads per month.

Another list representing the most pirated movie of the past two years has been also launched and showed that the most downloaded movie has not changed and still the same. Fast Five, being at the top was downloaded 74.88 million times in the year 2011, but there is a slight change in the stat as of the 2012, Fast Five is still at the top of Most pirate movie of 2012, with an estimated download of 77.45 million.

There is also an increase in the total loss of the Box Office of the year 2012, Box Office faced a total loss of $6.13 billion which is slightly above from the total loss of the year 2011 which was $4.06 billion.

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