New Microsoft Sculpt keyboard and Mouse are designed with better ergonomics

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Microsoft recently launched a new model in the series of its Ergonomic desktops. Ergonomic Sculpt keyboard  are most common in those who spent most of work either typing or surfing the internet. The new Microsoft Ergonomic Desktop is designed with keeping in mind the people who are suffering with repetitive strain injuries

The Microsoft Ergonomic Desktop is a bundle containing the keyboard named “Manta Ray”, a mouse and a separate numeric pad. The new Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard has given a sleek and modern look with characteristics that will help to reduce the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. While using the keyboard your hands will stay in natural positions and there’s also a cushioned palm rest included to avoid the risk of pressure on wrists.

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The Mouse also have a more enhanced curve which will reduce the risk of the wrist being touched by the surface. Microsoft says that the design will help reducing the risk of RSI by ensuring the wrist or the bottom of your hand don’t touch the surface. When not in use, users can slide the numeric pad away from the keyboard providing more space for mouse movements and that will automatically place your hands in more comforting position.

The Microsoft Ergonomic desktop bundle can connect to all of your wireless devices through a wireless receiver which is surely not Bluetooth. Along with the natural position, Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard also include an extra Backspace key to include more ease. The new Sculpt Keyboard also consist Windows 8 compatible buttons.

The new Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic desktop is available for sale for $129.95 while the Mouse and the “Manta Ray” keyboard are also available for individual prices of $80.95 and $59.95 respectively.

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