Microsoft scroogled Google, supported new privacy bill

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Among the many internal wars of the Silicon valley the latest is the Google and Microsoft fight. Two of the most top tech giants of the U.S. are fighting against each other for the new law in the Massachusetts State Legislature, which is under motion and if passed the law would restrict the use of the software generated data in the schools, which is used by Google and many other tech companies.

Microsoft which recently launched the new well-documented TV ad campaign “Scroogled.” Microsoft now directly in the face of Google openly supported the law and said that Google and its privacy policy should be changed and said that the law against that should be passed.

The bill was first introduced in January and also the new bill is only designed to keep the companies which provides cloud based services to the public schools should not use any information generated by the students for any commercial purposes. Microsoft is the official supporter of the campaign and recently one of its spokesperson said that their own Email system does not consists of any type of ads and neither it supports the commercial use of any information generated by the user, acc. to WSJ

Everybody knows that Google Apps for Education is originally designed for education purposes originally but it also include Gmail. However, a spokesperson fro Google recently stated that the feature in Gmail which looks for keywords in the mail to generate ads is by default turned off in the versions of the app used in public schools.

Beside the statement Microsoft nevertheless slammed Google by saying that by the statement, Google is not transparent about how it uses the data. A Microsoft spokesperson said that “just because ads are not being displayed to the students, it doesn’t mean that something else isn’t being done with the data.

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Here is the official scroogled Video

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