Just after the Instagram Video, Twitter is promoting Vine

Just after the Instagram Video, Twitter is promoting Vine

After the launch of Instagram Video by Facebook, Twitter is trying to promote its video sharing app Vine. Before the launch of the Instagram Video, Vine was the world’s most popular video sharing app with its 6 second video recording but Instagram with its heavy user database tends to be the topper of the video sharing app community.

But now Instagram have the video recording feature with an impressing 15 seconds recording time and 13 filters just for the videos. Instagram also launched the new feature named Cinema to stabilize your video like a professional.

Twitter has already started the promotion war by sending up emails to its users who are not using Vine yet. However, acc. to the Twittersphere, this is not a complete email promotion program as many of the users tweeted that ‘I am not a user of Vine but didn’t get any emails from Twitter.’

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Although, some users reported that they receive promotional emails regarding Vine, just after the launch of the Instagram video.




Just after the launch of Instagram video, Twitter is feeling threatened and in a recent blog post it said that “This is just the beginning. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing some exciting new parts of Vine.”

Twitter is feeling threatened due to Instagram video’s massive features with 15 second video recording, which is 9 seconds more than Vine’s and the 13 filters only for videos. Instagram founder at the time of the launch announced that Instagram has reached to a database of more than 130 million monthly users who are using the app.

Since the launch of the app back in January, Vine was only available for the iOS users but after the app passed 13 million registered users, Twitter launched the Android version of the app on July 3, 2013. Although after the launch of the iOS app, the app has gone through many major updates which includes update to the features like support for iPhone’s front facing camera, web Embeds and the trending hashtags in the Explore section of the app.

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