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Google’s first Moto X ads are here

Googles first Moto X ads are here

Motorola and Google launched the Moto X on Thursday and recently Google has instigate the marketing campaign for the device. Google has launched a series of Moto X ads but for the Apple hating fans of Android, the Moto X ads are so much disappointing because there’s no negativity against Apple in the ads.

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All the three Moto X ads hit YouTube on Thursday recently after the Moto X launch. The first ad shows the “Quick Capture camera” which can be activated with two wrist twist and snaps picture with just a quick flick of the wrist. In the other ad, the guy fells asleep and tell his Moto X to make a note to buy more coffee.

The Third ad however focus on the customization of the Moto X. The tagline says: “Designed by You. Assembled in U.S.A.” This strategy seems similar to Apple’s tagline on the back of the iOS products: “Designed by Apple in California.”

Google is making a large marketing strategy for the Moto X, however it is still unclear whether these ads are part of the massive marketing or the ones to just show-off.

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Image: The Verge

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