Google is adding Grand Canyon to Google Maps

Google is adding Grand Canyon to Google Maps

Google is again expanding the Google Maps by exploring the areas where before no car and no, this kind of participation has  ever gone. Google team is currently taking pictures and exploring the rigid and  rocky paths of the Grand Canyon.

The team is trekking the streets to capture its Panoramic views and on the other side, another Google team is preparing to add the images to the Google Maps. Google’s this  move is a great effort to extend the Google Maps beyond the streets. Google recently added the photos from the landscapes of the Amazon, Antarctica, Universities and some of the ancient ruins of the world to the Google Maps.

 To explore the areas and to capture the pictures, Google team is using the wearable backpacks with the camera system placed on the top.

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“The narrow ridges and steep, exposed trails of the Grand Canyon provide the perfect terrain for our newest camera system. The Trekker—which its operator controls via an Android phone and automatically gathers photos as he walks—enables the collection of high-quality imagery from places that are only accessible on foot,”  Google said in an official blog post.

Google is adding Grand Canyon to Google Maps

The team is currently capturing the photos from the parts of the South Rim at the Grand Canyon national Park, including the ridge, the famous Bright Angel Trail and South Kaibab Trail.

“These panoramic views will soon be live on Google Maps, giving everyone from real-life visitors to armchair travelers the opportunity to marvel at this beautiful, majestic site from the comfort of their computers or mobile devices,” Google added to the statement.

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Here is the video of the Google exploring the Grand Canyon

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