Google Plus Hangouts are coming your way in HD

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Google is bringing the Google Plus Hangouts in HD. Google has already began rolling out the update to some users without notifying them, so there’s a little chance, when you’ll be on Hangout you’ll be seen in HD.

Reports suggest thatn Google is rolling out the update from past few weeks. Google has changed the Hangouts video codec to VP8 — an open video compression format from Google. Previously Google was using the H.264(AVC) video codec to compress the videos.

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Although many video Chat companies include H.264 (AVC) codec to compress and stream 720p and 1080p HD videos, Google says that the VP8 will lower the bit rate needed for the video and also it improves the quality.

Google is rumored to announced the HD Hangouts for all of the users officially in the coming few weeks while you may be using the new update without even realizing it.

Vic Gundotra, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Google confirmed that “it shoud be withing the news few weeks.”

Rumors are that Google is also working on formal enterprise level Video conference system and if it is true then the system will be enough to shake the offerings from Cisco and Microsoft’s Skype.

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