Facebook launched Instagram video, a 15 sec video service


Facebook recently, in a press event, launched the 15 seconds video service for Instagram. Instagram founder took to the stage and announce the new Instagram Video service.

Facebook sent out press invitations for the event last week with the tag line “A small team has been working on a big idea. Join us for a coffee and learn about a new product.” But now everybody knows that the idea was Instagram video.

Kevin reminds the press about his days in Burbn, when he created Instagram. He said, that when he started Instagram, he left video behind to make the service to focus on speed, simplicity and beauty of Instagram but now due to customer demand, Kevin said that they are redesigning the service to let the things “move”.

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The video service is described as ‘everything you love about Instagram and it move’.¬†Kevin told us that the idea of the Instagram video is based on three core principles.

  • Simplicity – The Instagram video needs to be simple and speedy.
  • Beauty – the new service needs to do what “we did to photos”.
  • Community – The Instagram video will work as they were working for the photos and content sharing.

The Instagram video is limited to 15 seconds as of the other services like Vine and other short video services, Although the Instagram videos records for 9 more seconds than Vine but Vine users says that the short recording time emphatically makes them creative.

The Instagram video is launched with 13 filters for only video. The users can even edit the frames to remove certain segments of the video. Instagram video is coming to both iOS and Android and can be downloaded from the app stores respectively.

Instagram also launched a feature named ‘Cinema’, which will help the users to stabilize their videos. The feature will help the users to record videos ‘like professionals’ and Kevin said that “it changes everything”. Along with all the features, users can also choose for the cover photos for their videos.

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