Digg launched the Digg Reader for iOS

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Digg launch the Digg Reader in beta mode earlier this week, but now a major brings the new Reader on iOS. The new update was launched on Thursday, brings the new RSS service to iOS users.

Digg launched its reader in order to be a substitute for the Google RSS Reader. The update was made to the existing Digg app for iOS instead of a separate app for the reader. The new Digg Reader combined with the Digg app, pulls out your favorite content from all across the web including blogs and several publishers.

To stay on the top of most happening content users can also ‘Digg’ feed the content.

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Facebook is also rumored for experimenting with its own RSS feed. And a lot of other companies are trying to launch their own RSS feeds in order to fill the space for Google Reader, which is going to shut down on July 1st.

The new Digg Reader also gives you the chance to connect to your Google account and Google Reader items, when you start using the service for the first time. You can also see the content in either expanded view or list format. The Digg Reader have a feature named “Popular” which lets the user know, how popular the item is, by showing the number of user which Dugg, shared or subscribed to the story.

There is also a “Digg” column where you can see all the story you “Digg” from the either the Digg homepage or all across the web. If you are subscribed to any Video Sharing network, then the videos will be playback from within the app. You can also share any story on Facebook, Twitter or save the story to Pocket.

Although, the new Digg Reader is only launched for only iOS and there are words that Digg has been working on bringing the app to Android and Windows Phone OS.

You Can download the new Digg Reader here.

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