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Best Navigation apps for iPhone

Best Navigation apps for iPhone

After all the hype, raised for Apple Maps prior to its launching, which turn out to be the first flop ever by Apple. Everybody is looking for a way to navigate through their iOS devices and can find out many apps that claims to be the best among all the apps, but one can rarely find a good working navigation apps for iPhone in the iTunes store.

After Apple Maps. which was the flop, the only app left that one can rely on is Google Maps. The only best navigation apps for iPhone in the app store which turns out to be a great app when one use it.

Google Maps provides the users many premium features for free like the voice guided turn-by-turn navigation, Google Earth integration, re-routing(if you’ve mistaken) and many more.

Google Maps is certainly the best navigation app one can find in Apple’s app store. It excels other because of the search engine integration. It lets you find any location with just one simple search and will guide you through turn-by-turn navigation in a human voice(for some, better than SIRI) or public transits, walking and car routes.

The only con you can find while using them in iOS devices is that it does not integrates with SIRI and it does not run in the background like Apple Maps. However, you can say that this is not Google’s fault because Apple does not share its API with anyone else and never lets anyone to use it.

There are also some other paid and free apps available in the app store and some are better also. Like Waze(Free), it is one of the best free navigation app in Apple’s app store. While some says that its direction are not as good as of Google Map’s But it certainly provide some feature that no other app can. Its traffic information is awesome, as it is user reported. It also helps you to find cops, nearest and cheapest gas stations and accidents nearby.

Navigon USA($30) is one of the best paid navigation apps. It is from the popular GPS maker Garmin. It provides best direction and there is a option for live traffic(for an extra cost of $14). It also provide an option to predownload the maps, it seems annoying for the first time but when it comes to information at a fly, Navigon was proved really useful as compared to the apps which download the maps in real time.

Among all of the above discussed ones the best recommended app is the Google Maps. Because it have features that no other app provides and also the best reason is that it is FREE.

<LET>What do you think of Google Maps? Do you know any other app better than that? Tell us in the Comments below.<LET>

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