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AOL announced the AOL Reader

AOL announced the AOL Reader

Google is shutting the Google Reader down and Digg already launched its own RSS Digg Reader but in spite of all of the shut downs and launches, AOL is planning to launch its own AOL Reader to let the users to find online content.

The AOL Reader is in private beta right now, and will be live in a few days. However, the AOL Reader website is already live with a tag line, “all your favorite websites in one place”.

There’s no idea of the working of the AOL Reader, but for sure AOL will launch the reader up to its name. The AOL Reader will let the users to pull over all of their subscribed content to one place, whether it is from any blog or different publishers.

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The AOL Reader website says that the AOL Reader is customizable as per your need, you can “view your subscriptions as a simple list of headlines, a more visual grid of cards, an infinitely-scrolling page, or even like you would your email”.

The AOL Reader also have a feature named “Simply Import”, through which you can “Sign in with your Google account to automatically import your subscriptions from Google Reader”. And even if you want to import your settings and other RSS feeds from an another reader you can “pload your subscriptions in standard OPML format and start reading right away”.

AOL also is launching the API for the AOL Reader. Acc. to AOL “The AOL Reader API allows anyone to develop their own applications for the web, desktop, and mobile”. However, the API for the reader is free only when the reader is in Beta mode.

Digg has already launched its own RSS Digg Reader and Facebook is also rumored to be experimenting on its own RSS Reader. Many companies along with them are planning for their own RSS readers as Google will shut the Google Reader down from 1st July.

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