Angry Birds Star Wars arriving on Nov. 8

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Angry Birds Star Wars is going to be launched on Nov. 8, After posting a pic of a hooded character on Tumblr in a GIF last week, Rovio mobile has come up with the latest stunning news of the Angry Birds Star Wars.

Anyone can’t believe that George Lucas pimped out the Star Wars franchisee at $10 to mobile gaming company. But it is true that the next Angry Birds will be the Angry Birds Star Wars and will be launched on iOS and Android and on the other Game Boards on November 8.

“May the Birds be with you” Rovio Mobile says in the video, you can watch below.

The game will feature the battles of the Empires at the classic Star Wars location and will have the same gravitational effects as of the Angry Birds Space. And the sure thing is that it wouldn’t be a Star Wars themed game that would not feature the nod to John Williams, Yes, the app will feature the sounds and other music from the classic sounds of the movie.

The new Angry Birds will be available for download on Nov. 8 but now, the Angry Birds page on Tumblr will let you choose your destiny:  “I’m on the Porkside” or “Rebel Without a Squawk.”

The release will obviously launched with additional goodies like push toys, board games and other animations.

Rovio mobile has also launched the previous sequel of the Angry Birds in September, the Bad Piggies.

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Here is the official video of the Angry Birds Star Wars :

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